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What does “Majiken” mean?

“Magic-Ken” has two roots: first, Kenny's last nickname in America "Magic" combined with his shortened first name; second, a nod in deference to Yusuf Islam, who called his last North American tour as Cat Stevens in 1976 “the Majikat Earth Tour.”

What kind of music does Majiken play?

The multiinstrumentalist's (acoustic and electric guitar and bass, banjo,  harmonica, dobro, mandolin, keyboards, percussion) repertoire features a growing number of self-penned tunes and cooperations, as well as European and American folk, pop, country and rock classics from the 50s through today. His style (if categories are necessary) could be placed somewhere between Yusuf/Cat Stevens, Neil Young, Paul Simon and David LaMotte. His goal is to let the music act as a vehicle, bringing the listener to that space where music touches and moves both body and soul, where Groove and Message equally share a capricious coexistence!

Musician - Producer - Label Owner - Promoter

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