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- what is a house concert, anyway?

House concerts have always been around, but since the 1990s in the USA they have developed for singer/songwriters more and more to an alternative to playing in bars.  The advantages for this genre are obvious: the audience is generally much more attentive to and interactive with the artist, resulting in an intimate atmosphere with a musical intensity rarely possible in a bar and not always achievable in a classical concert situation.  While venue performances remain the prime activity and source of income for musicians, house concerts intensify the closeness to one’s fans while simultaneously helping to reduce touring logistic costs.  This is why house concerts (also called things like living room concerts, folding chair shows etc.) have become increasingly popular in Europe as well.  House concerts are often played purely acoustically, which on the one hand can limit the audience size (also due to space available) but on the other hand underscores the intimacy.  Food and drink, not seldom brought as a “pitch-in” by the guests themselves, are generally offered before, during the break, and after the concert.  In the USA there is an informal protocol regarding the flow of the concert and how the artist receives payment (for example, ”suggested donation $xx”); in Europe right now the conditions are as varied as the artists themselves.  

- what IS NOT a house concert?

House concerts are not substitutions for typical celebrations such as birthday parties, weddings, anniversarys etc. - this remains the domain of offers tailored to the individual event.

- who organizes house concerts?

For the most part private individuals or families, sometimes (especially in the USA) privately run organizations not connected with companies.  In Germany today it is almost exclusively the former, culturally interested individuals with access to a room capable of seating an audience of 20-40 people.

- what are the parameters of a Majiken house concert?

Majiken house concerts can best be booked when they fit into his normal concert schedule.  If there is a show in Frankfurt, for example, and the day before or after is free, a house concert within a radius of roughly 100 km would likely be ideal.  Chances are best on days other than Friday and Saturday, which are generally reserved for normal concert events.  The time of day is only limited by availability- midday on Sunday or a holiday etc. is no problem, midnight either..... Since a house concert should support road logistics, an overnight stay will likely be needed.  It can be a hotel room, a guest room in the host’s house with the usual sanitary facilities is also sufficient. Musically, there is the option for either one 90-minute set or 2 sets of approximately 45 minutes each.  The focus will be on self-composed songs and those available on CDs featuring Majiken,  plus from the artist selected coversongs.  Song requests from the organizer can be discussed at the time of booking. Payment for a Majiken house concert in Germany works like this:  admission is 15€ per adult; in addition to the concert itself, participants receive either an “ENDLICH!!!” CD or a 2-CD package with 1 Tillerman’s Cat’s “Next Step” and 1 “Spun- A Tribute to the Songs of David LaMotte”.  There are 2 concert scenarios: if done as a private event, the organizer guarantees a minimum of 10 paying guests.  There is no public advertising allowed (important!), and the concert will show on this website as a “house concert” with no indication of time or location.  If done as a public event, the organizer commits to a minimum of 15 paying guests, detailed information is put on the website and the regular promotion such as posters and press release take place.  If desired by the organiser, Majiken is willing to absorb the cost of the GEMA fee for a public concert.   In either case, the audience receives 90 minutes of fine live music AND a CD or two for later enjoyment.  Isn’t that great?  And for those who have never organized a house concert before, have no fear- it is no more difficult to organize than any other type of get-together!

- and how do I organize a house concert with Majiken?

First, figure out which room in your house can fit at least 20 people (generally it will be the living room) and which friends and acquaintances you can count on being interested in coming.  Then check out the “Events” page on this website, pick out a date that would work well for both parties and contact Majiken per email or phone to discuss details and fix the gig- it’s as easy as that!  But watch out:  the odds are that a magical atmosphere will occur, generating stories that will be told years from now....

THE special treat:  a Majiken house concert!

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