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The German-based American musician, producer and concert promoter „Majiken“ released his first „real“ solo-CD „ENDLICH!!! - at last! -“ on Praxis Gelender Records September 21, 2012. The CD avidly documents his musical voyage through the years, and „with a little help from his friends“ the result could even be viewed as a sort of „Greatest Hits,“ paving the way for the next chapter in his book of sound.

Majiken & Friends ENDLICH!!! - at last! -

SKU: 4039967006349
  • Distributors: and CD Baby

    Songs: 12, plus 1 Bonus-Track

    Total running time: 44:38
    Recorded: in the „Majik Lounge“ Studio, Bad Kreuznach by Kenny Legendre, selected individual tracks in other locations
    Friends: 15, 6 alone in the „Poorboy Choir“ on „Heidi Hottmehl“
    Mixed: in the „Majik Lounge“, Bad Kreuznach from Kenny Legendre (Guitar mix on „Lied für Dich“ from John Legendre)
    Mastered: „Studio de la Gare“, Les Essarts le Roi, FRANCE von Jean Roussel (Cat Stevens, Bob Marley, Police u.v.a.)

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